Cold Brew Coffee from NAIKO (for 100 servings)

Brew your own Cold Brew Coffee or use our convenient Cold Brew Coffee concentrate for serving Nitro Brew with our NAIKO dispenser. Always ready and saves time with daily preparations for Cold Brew Coffee.

We process the beans in an innovative cold filtration process to produce a fresh, all natural, cold-dripped coffee concentrate on a large scale. We use freshly roasted coffee beans and directly brew slowly using cold water. The acidity remains in the grounds.

The coffee is a carefully selected coffee made from 100% Ethiopian Arabica beans. Our coffee is a strong coffee from the original home of coffee. We use a gentle, traditional drum roasting process, which allows us to give the beans the optimal roasting time. The aromas and typical taste of the beans are best expressed in this way. Using the cold-extraction method, the acidity of these strong beans, do not appear at all.

Available in 1 Liter bag-in-box. For 20 Liters of  Cold Brew coffee.

Certification: Rainforest Alliance

Shelf-life: Up to 12 months shelf-life, due to high-production standards and protective atmosphere. Packaging is absolutely light-proof and oxygen-tight.

DE / DEUTSCH: Flüssiges Cold Brew Kaffee Konzentrat

ENG / Englisch: Liquid Cold Brew Coffee Concentrate

NL – Nederland: Vloeibaar Cold Brew Koffieconcentraat

FR – France: Concentré de café luquide cold brew

ESP/ España: Concentrado de café liquido cold brew