Nitrogen Hollow Fiber Membrane – N995

Nitrogen Hollow Fiber Membrane – Size: N995

Length: 355 mm

Diameter: 56 mm

Weight: 1 kg

Product concentration: up to 99,5%

Operating temperature: from 5°C to 55°C

The nitrogen membrane module generates the nitrogen enriched air as a product while oxygen enriched air is relased as a byproduct.

The nitrogen membran is able to separate oxygen from ambient air and as a result produce a high-content of nitrogen enriched air. Compressed air goes through the internal lumen of the hollow fibers to generate the nitrogen enriched air at the end of the fibers with pressurized state. Oxygen enriched air is permeated through the wall of the hollow fibers and ventilated out of the module with atmospheric pressure.

We do also offer bigger membranes with a length up to 1600 mm and a diameter up to 160 mm.

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