Why nitro-Infused beverages?

Speaking about the effect of nitrogen-infused beverages: Nitrogen increases the flavors and enhances the aromas of a beverage. Further it emulates sweetness and comes with a creamy finish without adding calories. There is probably no other natural mouthfeel as it is with nitrogen. For example,

Especially, the small nitro bubbles that are infused give the beverages a satiny thickness. In case of nitro cold brew coffee, the coffee beans turn up their sweetness and turn down their acidity. To illustrate, the infusion with nitrogen brings a frothy, milky layer that sinks from top to bottom. The so-called “cascade” have customers attention and look in the same way as a freshly poured Guinness.

What type of nitrogen infused beverages are possible?

Here are the TOP 5 beverages which are suitable for the next spot on the menu.

  1. Coffee
  2. Latte macchiato
  3. Cocoa milk and other nitrogen-infused milks
  4. Tea
  5. Almond, cashew or oat milk mixed with dates

And there is maybe more coming up, like nitro juices, which turn down their acidity, or nitrogen cocktails, where an incredible mouthfeel and flavor enhancement is generated due to the nitrogen infusion.

Nitrogen cold brew coffee with orange and cinnamon

What we offer at naiko nitrogen systems?

From counter integrations to our Naiko nitro infusion machine, as well as existing line extensions and nitro faucets, we offer a full range of systems for nitrogen beverages out of Germay. Our best-seller is the Naiko nitro cold brew machine, ready to plug and serve beverages. The nitrogen is generated from the air and processed directly in the machine. There is no need for other equipment, like faucets, tubes, hoses, gas tanks, and keg connectors. There is no need to pay for nitrogen gas. Everything comes with the machine and nitrogen gas is constantly generated in the machine. We do also offer hollow fiber membranes for the generation of nitrogen directly at the place of consumption, to reduce the need of nitrogen gas cylinder.

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